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Hi-Health Empower

  • One More Year to Get Roto-rootered!

    , by Rosanna Thill One More Year to Get Roto-rootered!

    One of my close friends of 23 years called today and said “I am not doing well, can you please keep me in your prayers?”...

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  • You Are What You Eat: Bodybuilding Diet

    , by Mark Bozza You Are What You Eat: Bodybuilding Diet

    Without proper nutrition (bodybuilding diet) and supplementation, your efforts in the gym will be wasted. I have heard this many times over the last 20...

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  • Do You Workout? Training vs. Working Out

    , by Mark Bozza Do You Workout? Training vs. Working Out

    Anyone who has taken up weight training or competitive bodybuilding has been asked this question once or twice or a thousand times. I’ve been “training”...

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  • , by Cheri Rifkin Community

    One of the beneficial aspects of training with a group is that we build a community with those who share our passion for riding, running,...

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  • Giving Yourself A Treat

    , by Cheri Rifkin Giving Yourself A Treat

    The fitness lifestyle affords us a little wiggle room when it comes to our choice of treats. When I'm in training mode or have a...

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  • Welcome From the Editor

    , by Cheri Rifkin Welcome From the Editor

    Welcome to all health and fitness enthusiasts and those who would like to live a healthier lifestyle. I am excited to serve as the Editor...

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  • , by Cheri Rifkin In Memory of Cindy

    Today and going forth, I will ride to celebrate the memory of my precious friend, Cindy McLean, who lost her battle with cancer on earth...

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  • , by Cheri Rifkin Concussion

    Once again, training had to take a back seat to a family emergency. Just after a two-hour training ride last week, my son called to...

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  • Electrolytes and Hydration

    , by Cheri Rifkin Electrolytes and Hydration

    In the spring, an outdoor ride with the girls usually begins with a conversation similar to the title of TLC’s popular show “What Not to...

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  • Protein Powder for Summer Muscles

    , by Cheri Rifkin Training and Protein

    I always have the best of intentions when it comes to training…to stick with my exercise training program, eat right and get plenty of sleep....

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  • On the road again

    , by Cheri Rifkin On the road again

    This is the first entry in my new blog, “Moms Are Fit”. I’m excited to share my life and all the things that I am...

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