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, by Cheri Rifkin, 1 min reading time

One of the beneficial aspects of training with a group is that we build a community with those who share our passion for riding, running, skiing, hiking or any other sport. We share what’s happening in our lives, training tips, successes or failures, even recipes! It’s powerful networking at its best when it comes to talking about a new sports nutrition product, website, movie or local restaurant. One of my favorite sports nutrition companies is Vega Sport Nutrition. Their products are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and delicious! The Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer in Acai Berry is perfect to drink before riding and while on the bike as it’s not too sweet and the Vega Sport Performance Protein in Vanilla or Chocolate is so tasty, easy to mix and great for post-workouts or a meal replacement if you’re on the go!

Even though I enjoy times of training alone as well, it’s just sweeter to do things with others and to create memories together.

As I write this there is breaking news regarding two bombings at the Boston Marathon. How tragic that life is changed forever in yet another instant from joy and celebration in finishing a marathon and to sadness and sorrow for those who were injured or killed in this senseless terrorist attack. Talk about community. Marathoners train together, support each other and race together. As one eyewitness said, there were many who had finished their race and were cheering others on as they came across the finish line. Some who were just finishing were there to bring awareness and support to those less fortunate or who had suffered tragedy like the Sandy Hook and Newtown, CT victims.

This is a time to be prudent in our efforts to be aware and remain safe but please don’t let evildoers win by fearing the practice of coming together as a community and helping in any way we can by serving, supporting and uplifting each other.


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