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Giving Yourself A Treat

Giving Yourself A Treat

, by Cheri Rifkin, 1 min reading time


The fitness lifestyle affords us a little wiggle room when it comes to our choice of treats. When I'm in training mode or have a particularly active week, I feel free to indulge in something that I would normally avoid. Over the years, these "treats" have become healthier. My newfound joy of making homemade energy bars and chocolate truffles saves money and gives me the feeling of eating something decadent.

Yes, I still crave an occasional bowl of Breyers™ ice cream or something from our local bakery, but I have many snack alternatives from which to choose:

  • Almond butter/banana;
  • Baked apple with cinnamon and yogurt;
  • 1/4 cup granola, yogurt and berries;
  • Plantain chips with guacamole or hummus and veggies.

Yesterday's 70 mile ride in the Rockies included all the spring riding start, warm climbing, and frigid descents from Durango to Coal Bank Pass (elevation 10,640 ft). On the way back, we stopped to warm up at a little store by the ski resort and shared hot chocolate, a tuna sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie. Food just tastes better when you feel like you "deserve" it! My Garmin showed a 2,600 calorie burn for time on the road so I indulged and enjoyed every bite!

Excitement is building within our team as there are only eight weeks of training until the Iron Horse!


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