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Why Electrolytes Are A Game Changer for Athletes

Why Electrolytes Are A Game Changer for Athletes

, by Hi-Health, 3 min reading time

electrolytes and athletes

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that regulate your nerve and muscle function and work with water to keep your body hydrated, too.9 Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium are depleted when you sweat and need to be replenished to help your muscles contract and maintain athletic performance.9 A literal game changer, electrolytes are vital for maintaining fluid balance and preventing an electrolyte imbalance during training.9 Such an imbalance can result in fatigue, weakness and muscle cramps.10

5 Ways Electrolytes Help Athletes Maintain Athletic Performance

  1. They help regulate nerve and muscle function
  2. They work with water to keep the body properly hydrated
  3. They help muscles contract which is important during workouts
  4. They are vital for maintaining fluid balance when you sweat
  5. They help prevent an imbalance which can result in fatigue, weakness and cramps

Hydrate Your Game with Hydra XP

Hi-Health understands the demand on today’s athletes and created a product that not only hydrates during game time, but fuels active muscles with electrolytes, too. HYDRA XP™ will help you perform at maximum output. It takes the advancements in today’s sports nutrition science and formulated the perfect fuel for today’s athlete. We used the best ingredients on the market today in precise ratios using a blend of carbohydrates, amino acids that aid in performance and vitamins and minerals that play a key role in hydration. Inside you’ll find ingredients that help:

  • Aid in performance and to fuel active muscles.
  • Create more blood flow to drive more nutrients into working muscles
  • Muscles recover after intense physical activity
  • Rehydrate before, during and after exercise or any sporting event


Hydra XP Endurance Performance Sports Drink

Hydra XP™, or Xtreme Performance, packs all the ingredients of Hydra X™ plus an ATP Amplifier blend to better assist in performance and recovery and help with ATP production. Hydrate your game for optimal performance, endurance, and recovery.* See what's inside:

  • ATP Amplifier Blend A comprehensive amino blend to assist in performance and muscle recovery.*
  • EnduroCarb Tri-Energy Complex Helps maximize glycogen uptake into the muscles to be used as fuel during intense activity.*
  • Vitamins B6, B12 & Zinc Key nutrients were added to increase red blood cell formation. Red blood cells carry oxygen to working muscles.* Vitamin B6 makes proteins and helps form hemoglobin.* Folate and Vitamin B12 build the red blood cells that carry oxygen to working muscles.* Zinc helps blood flow to muscles and improves tolerance.*
  • Electrolytes Essential Electrolytes include Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium and Phosphorus which all play a role in fluid balance, muscle and neurological functions. A deficiency in electrolytes can greatly hamper performance.*


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