Spring is officially here and I couldn't be more excited. The fresh air and sunny skies are a welcome reminder that warmer temps are right around the corner and I need to start getting my "summer self" in gear. Since I have yet to invent the sweater swimsuit, working out and eating healthier will have to do.

To kick things off, I've stocked up on the fruits and veggies and busted out the blender. Mixing up something protein-packed and tropical is sure to help me keep my eye on the prize.

The CytoSport web site had the perfect tropical treat to satisfy my craving! Their Beating The Wall Smoothie is great with the addition of coconut oil, so great in fact, I had to make it three times to appease my thirsty roomies, too.

Monster Protein Smoothie

While the three of us were sipping on our smoothies, my friend from Chicago called to fill me in on all the not-so-spring-like weather they've been having. She laughed when I told her we were making fruit smoothies and joked that she's still drinking hot cocoa and eating pumpkin pie. Hey, I probably would be too, if I were in her snow boots.

Monster Protein Smoothie

Then, it hit me. While she was still on the phone, I readied my blender once more. This time, I set out to create a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie that Chicagoans can enjoy this time of year. Once again, The CytoSport Pumpkin Shake did the trick and she felt a little better about her snow-covered spring, too.

Cheers to hoping I can sip my way into a swimsuit! And if that doesn't pan out, cheers to finding two new recipes I can at least sip by the pool.

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