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Udder Bliss Whey Protein Recipes

Udder Bliss Whey Protein Recipes

, by Hi-Health, 1 min reading time

If there’s one rule that’s an absolute must in any diet, it’s getting enough protein. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. It helps the body build and repair muscles after working out. Protein also helps you manage your weight, reduce hunger and improve overall health. So, it can benefit everyone. One of the best ways add protein in your diet is with all-natural Udder Bliss Grass Fed Whey Protein.

Straight from New Zealand, Udder Bliss Whey protein is sourced from hormone-free, grass fed cow’s milk. It’s made with a special filtration process that helps keep things pure. That means there’s no artificial stuff like flavors, colors or sweeteners. It’s also free of chemicals and antibiotics that your body doesn’t need. That leaves you 20 grams of pure, easily digestible protein ready to fuel your active lifestyle.

Udder Bliss Whey Protein comes in three amazing varieties. There’s Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, so you can easily add it to your favorite recipes! It’s great in shakes, cakes and just about any meal, so you’ll love every last bite. Try one of our delicious recipes below!

9 Udder Bliss Protein recipes that make any meal blissful!


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