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Two Protein Shakes Better Than Your Iced Coffee Drinks

Two Protein Shakes Better Than Your Iced Coffee Drinks

, by Hi-Health, 1 min reading time

Your favorite frozen coffee drinks just got a makeover. Whether you love an ice cold mocha or a sweet strawberry frappe, you can still get your morning coffee fix with a little less guilt. Each of these drink recipes are packed with at least 20 grams of protein!

Rebecca has been an athlete her whole life. In the past, she competed in Women's bodybuilding and was a nationally ranked competitor. She is currently making the transition to women's physique. She also trains people from all walks of life from children to the elderly to people with physical disabilities and fellow athletes. She believes in making everyone's life as healthy as possible and believes there is a healthy path everyone can follow. She has a passion for the health and fitness industry and tries to help as many people's lives in a positive manner as possible to instill the same type of passion and healthy lifestyle.


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