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Can You Change Your Body Type?

Can You Change Your Body Type?

, by Felicia Romero, 3 min reading time


We are all in search of a perfect body and essentially think that the grass is greener on the other side. Six pack, toned arms, broad shoulders, small waist, or shapely legs, we all have our own version of what is ideal to us. I tell my clients to be happy with WHAT YOU HAVE, while working toward WHAT YOU WANT.

Is it possible to change your body type? The short answer is no, not completely. But, and that is a big BUT, with the years I have been in the fitness industry around women who have dramatically changed their body types, IT CAN HAPPEN. So I am going to exclude the competitor lifestyle here simply because it is NOT REALISTIC for the average person. You can, however, radically improve both your health and appearance with the right exercise routine in combination with proper nutrition.


Apple-shaped women tend to hold excess body fat in their waists, arms and breasts with very little body fat stored in their lower bodies. Pear-shaped women, on the other hand, tend to carry extra pounds in their lower bodies, rather than gaining in the waist or upper body.

Not only do both body types look significantly different, each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. For one thing, apple-shaped women typically have an easier time losing weight than pear-shaped women. This is because fat stored in the midsection is more metabolically active.

No two bodies are alike so you must find what is best for you to see results. The information I provide is info that I have experienced in my 10 years of training clients and myself.

The biggest challenge of having an apple shape is that fat stored in the midsection is easily released into the blood stream where it can cause health problems.Cardiovascular training is especially important for the apple shape, because it can help improve heart health while burning off toxic body fat. Any repetitive, low-impact activity that gets an apple moving her whole body and breaking a sweat for at least 30 minutes can be beneficial. However, INTERVAL TRAINING is particularly effective for this body type.

Apples should also avoid spot-reducing workouts, such as repetitive sit-ups and crunches. These types of exercises do nothing to burn fat off the stomach, don’t improve cardiovascular health, and they can even lead to chronic lower-back problems.


Pears have a tougher time losing lower body fat but do have fewer pre-disposed health problems when compared to the apple shaped. Pears can expect to become much more fit and toned, but should not expect to have a total change in shape. This is mostly because body fat stored in the thighs, legs and buttocks is less metabolically active and therefore harder to burn off.

Resistance training is one of the best ways for Pears to re-sculpt their shapes while slimming down. Ironically, women with pear shapes often avoid training with weights out of fear that they will become “big and bulky.” Women don’t need to be concerned with becoming too “bulky” from resistance training, because they lack the high testosterone levels (found in men), which are necessary to build that type of muscle. In fact, when women resistance train, they can transform their bodies into lean, fat burning machines by increasing muscle tone and decreasing body fat.

So ultimately you can change your body but you must stay on track and stay consistent! Also, LOVE YOUR BODY WHILE YOU ARE STILL WORKING TOWARD THE BODY YOU DESIRE.


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