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3 Natural Supplements to Help Control Cravings

3 Natural Supplements to Help Control Cravings

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time

Supplements That Control Cravings & Appetite

It’s the New Year and you’re visualizing a new you. Judging by how we all feel about food after the holidays, weight loss is likely part of your vision. You’re not alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) two-thirds of Americans are overweight, with just over one third being obese. Although exercise is likely on your radar, it can be hard to jump start weight loss with fitness alone. To help, consider these natural supplements to support appetite control. They’re not stimulants, which means they’re safe when used according to directions. Nor will these supplements magically melt the fat of your belly and hips. But if they can temper your food cravings, weight loss will likely follow.

Apple for Heart Health

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar gained traction as an appetite suppressant and weight-loss aid in the 1970s. And it’s still popular today. Science shows that vinegar lowers and stabilizes blood sugar levels. With more stable blood sugar, you’re less likely to experience hunger, according to studies conducted at Arizona State University and Sweden’s Lund University. Japanese researchers have reported that Apple Cider Vinegar inhibits several carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, including amylase, sucrase, maltase, and lactase. All of these factors can contribute to less hunger and subsequent weight loss.

Dose: Products vary, so follow label directions for use. May be safely combined with other supplements.

Why am I not losing weight?

Garcinia Cambogia
Garcinia is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA), and both the fruit extract and HCA have been found to suppress appetite and blunt food intake, according to an April 2015 article in the journal Fitoterapia. Garcinia helps in weight loss through three mechanisms: It regulates serotonin levels related to appetite, increases the burning of fat, and decreases the body’s own production of fat.

Dose: 800-1,600 mg daily. You’ll find lower doses in supplements that combine garcinia with other appetite-suppressing ingredients.

Soluble Fiber
Soluble fiber absorbs water in the gut to form a gel, creating a sense of fullness. Tat alone can reduce the desire to eat more, but soluble fiber may work in still other ways. It slows the movement of food from the stomach into the intestine, and may help stabilize blood sugar. Some soluble fiber supplements include inulin, glucomannan, beta-glucan, alginate, and psyllium.

Dose: Because fiber supplements vary, follow label directions for use. Fiber may be combined with other types of supplements.


Article from January/February 2016 Living Healthy Everyday Magazine. Download your copy here. It's free!


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