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Valentine's Day Homemade Fudge Or Chocolate Syrup

Valentine's Day Homemade Fudge Or Chocolate Syrup

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time

Valentine's Day Fudge Recipe

Some people hate Valentine's Day. I get it. I've heard every possible reason why – it's too commercialized, too heartbreaking, too cheesy, etc. I guess I would feel that way too, if I didn't love it so much. But then again, in my family, we do it differently.

Every Valentine's Day, my sisters and I are guaranteed a Valentine. For us, it's a day where my dad reminds us why (despite everything we put him through) we are all his sweethearts. We each recieve a card and a thoughtful little gift that I can't help but love that much more because the idea of him combing through a shopping mall to find it, cracks me up.

While I'm gushing about how much I love my family, a family recipe comes to mind. A recipe that's sure to win over hearts this Valentine's Day– my mom’s famous fudge. For you lovesick, mushy types, chocolate is said to be an aphrodisiac. For the rest of us, it's just freakin' delicious.

This recipe is a family favorite and whenever my mom would make it when we were younger, my sisters and I would pace around the fridge waiting for it to cool. And every once in a while (or a hundred times), we would sneak in there and dutifully taste it to make sure it was “still good.” It was.

I'm excited to share a page out of our family cookbook with you. Even though on this particular cooking occasion, I have to confess– something went wrong.

Allow me to provide you with the play-by-play:

I went in all confident. Donning that “if you can read, you can cook” mentality. Turns out, I may not be able to read.

This is how it went down.

Step one: Dump all the ingredients in, except the butter, and stir until your arm falls off. (See photo of ingredients above).

Valentine's Day Fudge Recipe

Step two: Remove from heat. Add butter, keep stirring and stick it in the fridge for an absurd amount of time (or until it cools and hardens).

Valentine's Day Homemade Fudge Recipe Valentine's Day Fudge Recipe

Seeing as how it’s supposed to look like this, I’m not sure what happened.

Someone else's homemade fudge

This could be deemed a failure, but I'm an optimist. This was some pretty amazing chocolate fudge syrup.

Despite how it turned out, my dad will find a reason to love me anyway. And I'll find out what that reason is this Valentine's Day.


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