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Slow Juicing Recipes: Green Juice + Carrot Juice

Slow Juicing Recipes: Green Juice + Carrot Juice

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time

Juicing Recipes for Slow Juicer

I have been on a documentary frenzy as of late. Darn that Netflix. It got me. It got me good. With all those recommendations, how can I say no? It knows me better than my boyfriend.

On this mission of mine to improve life, I prefer the visual aid. The pretty pictures, the smiling people, the thumbs up from those already achieving healthy, blissful inner peace. I need those. Don't judge.

So after watching a bunch of health-related documentaries, I restocked my fridge, called my family and shook my finger at them with happy, "did you know?..." facts. They don't pick up the phone as much anymore. I think they're out grocery shopping, too.

To each their own, but the healthy adjustments I've made in my life are working. I feel better, I'm happier and I run a little faster than a turtle wading through peanut butter, now. Just a little. But enough to have me eyeing a 5k in a few months. Life is good.

I've definitely been "drinkin' the Kool-Aid," scratch that... juice. And I love it. So, this year as a Merry Christmas to me, I finally bought myself a slow juicer. And after nearly a month of back order status, shipping delays, and extreme patience, it's here! So, like a kid in a candy store, I stocked up on massive amounts of fruits and veggies. And after reading that sentence, I feel old.

Whatever. After making this healthy green juice that tastes like Lemonheads®, I know I can still hang with the younger crowd. Wow. Strike 2. Let's stop there.

Kale, Lemon, Green Apple, Pear Juice

  • 2 Green Apples
  • 1 Pear
  • 15 Baby Kale leaves (or 10 regular Kale leaves)
  • 1/2 Lemon

Wash all of your fruits and veggies. Peel the lemon. Core the apples.

Juice Recipes for Slow Juicer

Cut up your ingredients into small chunks so they will fit more easily through the hopper of the juicer.

Juicing with Kale Apples Pears and Lemon

Add all the ingredients slowly through the juicer allowing each piece to process.

Green Juice and Carrot Juice: Juicing Recipes

I like my juice poured over ice. But, you do your thing.

Green Juice Recipes for Slow Juicing

To get my boyfriend on board with our happy new addition, I made him some fresh Carrot Juice. Same process. No peeling. Just use like 50 carrots and be patient.

Slow Juicing Carrot Juice

Thumbs up for veggie servings.


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