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Pancake Sundays

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time

My dad makes the best pancakes in the world. They're so delicious, my family has proclaimed Sunday as "Pancake Sunday" ever since I was little. This works out well because if I had to wait any longer than seven days for my pancake fix, things would get ugly.

It's the weekend and the only thing that could possibly get me out of bed any earlier than 8 am are his pancakes. The sweet smell of warm pancake batter crisping in the pan. The sound of bubbles popping as the batter takes its shape. A side of sausage sizzling as if it was impatiently waiting to be paired with such a delicacy. Each one of my senses works in overdrive beckoning me to wake up before anyone else calls dibs on the first stack.

What makes his pancakes so good? Okay, I'll tell you.

  1. He adds a secret ingredient to slightly sweeten up the batter.
  2. Instead of thick stacks of food coma-inducing carbs, these are thin, little discs of perfection.
  3. They are soft in the middle and crispy on the outside – the perfect pancake proportions.

I have tried to cheat the system and recreate this experience on my own. After all, with my family so many miles apart, Pancake Sundays are now few and far between. Time after time I've failed and come to realize that sometimes it's simply a matter of "father knows best"... a.k.a there's something he's not telling me.

So, on one particular Sunday, I decided to call him out, turn up the heat (in the kitchen) and grill him on the specifics of what exactly goes down while I'm waiting for breakfast. Cool, calm and collected, he invited me in to oversee the syrupy operation. I studied his movements, his measurements and busted out my camera to document the things I knew I'd forget once breakfast hit the bottom of my stomach.

I learned a thing or two that I'm happy to share but need to disclaim that if you ever want pancakes as perfect as his, HE has to make them. Genetics haven't quite gifted me his flippy wrist ability yet (see below) and mine look more like puddles of burnt batter with an aftertaste of shame. In other words, leave it to the man. The legend.

You can use any pancake mix you like. To lighten your pancakes up a bit though, swap out the water vs. mix measurements and move the batter around in the pan to thin them out a bit.

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