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Nutritional Supplements For High School Sports

Nutritional Supplements For High School Sports

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I came across this report over the weekend from KJZZ (91.5 FM in Phoenix, AZ) that aired on Friday Jan 24th. The report starts with a Gatorade ad from 90s (“I want to be like Mike”) that was selling the concept that you would be like Michael Jordan if you drank what he did. The author pointed out the recent advances in Sports supplements and called in an expert to weigh in on Hi-Health’s two new products called “endurance formulas” - Hydra X and XP for high school athletes. The expert opined that very few high school students make it to collegiate and pro level sports and as long as students have well balanced diet and appropriate time to eat, there is no need for any supplements. He also stated that the knowledge of balanced nutrition is greatly lacking amongst the student and coaching community. These opinions of the expert suffered to convince the listeners about sports supplements due to a few critical flaws-

Firstly, the knowledge of right nutrition is not just for those athletes that are collegiate or pro material. The sports scene has become more demanding than ever in recent times even at high school levels. Every student (not just athletes) needs to know the value of right nutrition that helps perform his or her best. On one hand the expert states that good nutrition and knowledge of good nutrition is all one needs, on the other hand, the expert cites a study that more than 90% of collegiate level athletes do not have right nutrition knowledge and the rate is even higher among high school athletes. This begs to question - are the students eating right? The answer is NO. So, right supplementation is key to the success in helping the students to fill the gaps that their current diet alone does not provide.

Secondly, the expert does clear the distinction between sports hydration drinks and energy drinks. The expert does state the need for electrolytes and hydration that athletes needs in a performance lasting more than 60 minutes. Hi-Health’s endurance formulas - Hydra X and Hydra XP are not energy drinks of the same class as “Red Bull” or “Monster”. Hydra X and XP provide the essential electrolytes and hydration that athletes need during their game for the peak performance.

Lastly, if we agree that balanced nutrition is critical to student athletes, and we also acknowledge that students athletes are not equipped with enough knowledge and support, the conclusion should not be “supplements are not necessary”. Instead of sitting on the sideline and not doing anything about the problem, Hi-Health has initiated a campaign at the same sidelines during the games to help student athletes to learn the better diet and lifestyle, and to pick the “clean” and right supplements and hydration that help them perform at their best. Hi-Health with the help of AIA (Arizona Interscholastic Athletics Association), the governing body for high school sports, is sending team of sports nutritionists, collegiate athletes and medical experts to promote this mission. One among all efforts is to provide 45 minutes education sessions for student athletes on their nutritional and diet needs.

As it stands, we would welcome the author of the article as well as the experts on his story to have a more balanced discussion on the subject with our Hi-Health ambassadors that include medical doctors and sports nutritionists who formulated Hydra X and Hydra XP.

Sunil Vulli
VP, Direct & Digital
Hi-Health Corporation


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