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Skiing - My Favorite Way To Workout

Skiing - My Favorite Way To Workout

, by Cheri Rifkin, 1 min reading time


Lately I’ve been talking about interval training, working out on the bike and in the gym but my favorite way to stay fit is to ski!

My son had a freestyle mogul competition in Vail last weekend where I was a ski instructor for many years. I had always wanted to show him around their incredible mountain but when he’s participating in a competition, there is a lot of standing around, waiting to ski the course. I don’t like to ski too many runs as I might miss the chance to see him compete because of a long lift line or slow chair!

After he skied moguls on Saturday and got knocked out of single elimination dual moguls on Sunday, I took the opportunity to lure him away and do some epic powder skiing in the back bowls. There is nothing like skiing a foot or more of fresh powder with no one in sight (tons of fresh snow can keep some skiers away). My heart was overjoyed when he said it was his “best day ever” and thanked me for bringing him to Vail. We had a great time staying with my friend and her family and getting reconnected after many years apart.

I thought I was in shape due to all the riding and spin classes, but it didn’t quite prepare me for two days of mogul and “steep and deep” powder skiing. Perhaps it was skiing or the hair-raising drive home on icy, wind-blown, snow-packed roads with two teenage boys but I needed a chiropractic adjustment when I got home!

  • Freestyle Competition: $100
  • Food: $120
  • Gas: $95
  • Chiropractor: $50
  • Skiing with my son: Priceless

I wouldn’t change a thing. My kids will be gone before I know it!


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