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Garden of Life® and Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women and RAW ONE™ for Men

Garden of Life® and Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women and RAW ONE™ for Men

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Vitamin Code RAW ONE for Men & Women

Today’s blog is from Garden of Life® and Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women and RAW ONE™ for Men.

As you probably know, Garden of Life® is all about empowering extraordinary health. In fact, that’s our mission—always has been and always will be.

Since we care about your health, that’s why we strongly believe in the power of taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement every day—and here are some major reasons why.

Even the best of diets have gaps in them, and taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement bridges those gaps. However, the typical American diet has huge chasms in it because approximately two-thirds of the standard American diet is made up of unhealthy fats and refined sugars with low-to-no nutrient value. And it’s highly unlikely that the other one-third of the diet is enough to fully meet a person’s nutritional needs.

The nutritional gaps are showing up, too, in both men and women of all ages because many are coming up way short on certain vitamins and minerals. And if those nutrients aren’t coming from the diet, then that’s not good because the body can make only a fraction of the vitamins it needs, and can’t make even one single mineral that it requires.

You don’t want to miss out those vitamins and minerals, either, because past and present studies indicate numerous benefits to receiving the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, while lacking in even one or a few can have potential serious health ramifications.

One great way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet is to kick the typical American diet to the curb and, instead, eat nutrient-dense, whole, organic, RAW foods because they can deliver a vitamin-packed and mineral-packed wallop.

But again, even the best of diets can come up short in some areas, which is why major health agencies, such as the American Medical Association and the American Dietetic Association, recommend taking a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement to support adequate nutrient intake.

Vitamin Code RAW ONE for Women and RAW ONE for Men are the best once-daily multis around! They’re the convenient, premium choice for RAW, whole food multivitamins and minerals, providing your body with essential nutrients, plus probiotics, enzymes, trace minerals and nutritional co-factors typically present in healthy, RAW organic foods. And all that comes with the convenience of taking one capsule per day!

In short, they have everything you need and want—and nothing you don’t!

Everything You Want:

  • RAW—all ingredients are kept below 115° F
  • RAW whole food vitamins and minerals grown with probiotics
  • Is Non-GMO Project Verified
  • 22 RAW organic fruits & vegetables
  • Contains live probiotics & enzymes
  • Targeted formulas for men & women of all ages
  • Once-daily formula

Nothing You Don’t Want:

  • No gluten or dairy
  • No binders or fillers
  • No tablets
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No GMOs
  • No soy-based ingredients

Ladies, RAW ONE for Women is designed with your nutritional needs in mind.

And, gentlemen, here’s RAW ONE for Men for your nutritional needs.

So, who needs a multi? You probably do because you seriously don’t want any nutritional gaps to trip up your health. Garden of Life has you covered with Vitamin Code RAW ONE for Women and RAW ONE for Men.

*Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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