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Weight Lifting Routines - What's your split?

Weight Lifting Routines - What's your split?

, by Mark Bozza, 1 min reading time


I get asked quite a bit what my routine or “split” is for bodybuilding. Anyone who has trained for years will tell you it’s always evolving. There is no way I can train like I did when started out 20 years ago because my aching old joints would explode. Instead of heavy lifting at every workout, I have modified my routine over the years while still keeping the basic premise to train with intensity and be consistent!

No matter what your split is, if you train with intensity and consistency, you will make progress.

Let me elaborate.

Training with intensity can mean different things to different people. Some think it is heavy weights and low reps while some think it is moderate weights and lots of sets and reps. Both are right and will make gains as long as you are training hard and are consistent. I’m now in my twilight years, as far as bodybuilding is concerned. I will always lift and train and will modify my plan as time goes on.

When I started out I followed Mike Mentzer and his heavy duty type of training. This included very heavy weights for 6-8 reps and minimal sets. Over time, my ligaments and tendons would remind me of my age. If I didn’t change my workouts, I might be crippled in no time!

Now my training consists of moderate weights and never below 10 reps per set. It takes me almost 20 minutes to warm up, however, I’m the leanest and biggest I have ever been!

What is my routine? I would say it’s a work in progress.


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