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How to Slice Grapes or Cherry Tomatoes

How to Slice Grapes or Cherry Tomatoes

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time

If you’ve noticed lately, I’ve been doing a series of healthy life hacks to make spending time in the kitchen a little easier. You prep, you cook, you clean –it’s a long process and quite a commitment to make a meal or two! Half the time, after spending hours preparing a meal, I’m too exhausted to eat it, let alone switch gears to dish duty. I mean, c’mon…dish duty, too?! I’ve suddenly lost my appetite. Anyway, the key to keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, diet included, is to make it as easy as possible. So let’s switch gears again with reminders of how effortless healthy eating can be.

Healthy Life Hacks

My boyfriend laughed as I demonstrated this trick to him earlier this week. First, he didn’t believe it could be done. Second, he prepared for a grape juice explosion (so little faith in me). Third, he couldn’t see the need to slice grapes. Why would you need to slice up something so small? So before I go any further, picture a summer salad—a perfectly tossed, beautifully prepped salad rich with exploding summer flavors. To get a taste with a little bit of everything in each bite, do you really want to eat a whole grape or cherry tomato? No. You just want a little piece. I win. So, let me show you how it’s done.

How to Slice Multiple Grapes or Cherry Tomatoes (Also, how to slice grapes without cutting up your fingers).

How To Slice Grapes or Cherry Tomatoes
  1. Take a handful of grapes or cherry tomatoes and put them on an upside down plate.
  2. Put a second plate of the same size, right side up on top of the grapes to create a “plate sandwich.”
  3. Lightly push down on the top plate with your palm to keep the grapes in place. Then, with your free hand, grab a serrated knife and slowly cut through the grapes. Viola!

PS. Another reason you would want to do this? Bite-sized food is just plain adorable. :)


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