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What is Bodybuilding?

What is Bodybuilding?

, by Mark Bozza, 1 min reading time


So what is the definition of bodybuilding? I’ll bet if we lined up 50 American adults, the answers would all vary. Their answers would be based on their personal understanding of the sport I have grown (no pun intended) to love.

The definition I get from a Google search seems pretty accurate: the developing of the body through exercise and diet, specifically the developing of the physique for competitive exhibition.

My definition of bodybuilding is more than the development of ones’ physique. Muscle is the tangible result but my results come from pushing myself to accomplish little goals every day, in and out of the gym. To me, bodybuilding is a “structured lifestyle” and without the structure I get from bodybuilding, I would be a lost child.

What do I mean by that? Well, I get 8 hours of sleep a night, eat 6-8 smaller meals a day (every three hours), drink over a gallon of water a day and make sure I take all my vitamins and nutritional supplements on time. I also avoid the lifestyle pitfalls that affect our health like too much alcohol and tobacco. This daily schedule helps me be a productive member of society, unlike many Americans these days.

Would we lessen our nation’s epidemic obesity if everyone lived this way? Absolutely! We would be kicking some serious international butt when it came to health and fitness. Unfortunately, many Americans do not take care of themselves and we are considered a joke to other cultures regarding our health. These are the same Americans who might define bodybuilding and/or bodybuilders as egotistical, vain and full of steroids.

I know a lot of men over 40 who would like to look strong and fit like me. Perhaps they don’t want to be dedicated to the hard work and sacrifice that it takes to live the bodybuilding lifestyle.


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