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Who is that in the mirror?

Who is that in the mirror?

, by Lastassia Eidson, 2 min reading time

Eight weeks out from my first ever bikini competition and sometimes I come across my own reflection in a window or mirror and think, WHO is that? Sometimes, we find ourselves in seasons of trial and don’t really know how we got there or who we’ve become. What’s really helped me heal and maintain strength and focus is knowing WHOSE I am. I thank God everyday for allowing my mind to focus on strengths in all of my trials.

My diet is going to change because my training is changing. A couple weeks from now it will change again. How well do YOU adjust to change? Do you welcome it? Do you search for the rainbow in your storm? I had a hard time for awhile trying to see the light peeking through the clouds, and now with each new win (eating right that day or a tiresome workout), I am grateful that I have the ability to complete each task. I’m sure competing will be great, and placing at any rank would be awesome, but the beauty is in TODAY!

It’s wonderful to have goals but sometimes the goal becomes a distraction for the now. A couple of weeks will pass and suddenly it hits me that my daily wins have turned into awesome accomplishments. I am more grateful to have remembered each moment daily rather than discard my weeks in order to just get to the finish. I have heard the saying “it’s all about the journey, not the destination” before, but it hasn’t really clicked until now!

This week in training, I learned my poses for competition (which need a TON of work) and I’ve refined my diet some. I know more is on the way, but it’s exciting. Seeing myself in the mirror is less shocking every time. I am no longer forcing the changes, but welcoming them. Even the changes I thought I didn’t want are all coming together for the good! Who would have thought that the tomboy turned fashionista/radio&tv personality would turn her sneakers in for a glass slipper? Or, should I say clear plastic heels for a July NPC competition!

FAITH: Read “LOVE DOES” by Bob Goff


FOOD: No more Quest bars L but if you are not training specifically for a competition they are great for post workout. I love all the ingredients. If you’re going to eat a bar, I prefer this one! Banana Nut and Cinnamon Roll are awesome!!

FITNESS: Kick up Cardio. 20 minutes of high intensity on non-leg days!



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