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Turkey Day 5K. Come Join Me!

Turkey Day 5K. Come Join Me!

, by Nikki Golly, 1 min reading time


For the first time last year, a friend talked me into participating in the run/walk Turkey Day 5K. It is run on the morning of Thanksgiving and I had so much fun!

It was not competitive at all…lots of people had their dogs and kids in strollers with them. There were people of all ages running and walking together as a family before going to eat their thanksgiving meal together. Did you know exercise is one of the best things you can do before a big family get-together? Exercising makes your body release endorphins that improve happiness. And not to mention that exercise will make you feel less guilty for eating too much later that evening ;)

The best thing you can do for your health and your happiness is to get out and “just do it”…get some exercise. This could be something that your whole family can do together. Just walking around for 5 kilometers or 3.2 miles, or even a light stroll in the brisk morning air might make you feel better and you will be able to eat more because you burned those extra calories. You can sign up at http://www.turkeyday-5k.com/.

This Thanksgiving I will be doing it for the second time, and I plan on making this activity part of my yearly tradition. I hope you will come out and join me. Message me…maybe we can meet up. :)

If I don’t see you out there, I hope you have a great turkey day!



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