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The Best Way Up, Is Down

, by Lastassia Eidson, 3 min reading time

I am Lady La, but my friends call me La and my family calls me a nickname that I won’t mention here. I work in radio, interview celebrities, travel the world and have two mini dachshunds. Most of these things you can gather by following me on twitter @TheLadyLa or instagram(@TheLadyLa). What you can’t see there, is what you’ll read here. The truth about my struggle and my faith that all things will work together for the good.

Over the past few years I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and an addiction to control. Somehow my childhood hurt turned into motivation, which got me into college, and eventually into a really successful career. What it didn’t get me was into a place where I could manage my own emotions, I just didn’t have them. As all facades do, this one came crumbling down.

I don’t want to dwell here, at the bottom. What I do want to say is that I recognize where I have come from and due to the grace of my Creator, I am still here. I still have my wonderful job in radio, hope and a future. I want to invite you into my world for an honest journey to challenge myself physically and mentally as I train for my first ever NPC Bikini competition. Hi-Health has been a critical part of my training, not only for my nutritional support, but mentally. The staff here has always been an encouragement to me as a young adult striving to live a healthier lifestyle.

Although the bikini class competition didn’t exist when I was younger, competing in fitness is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. I never thought I could do it. I didn’t have “the right genetics”, I wasn’t the fastest or the fittest girl on any childhood sports team, I wore glasses, and am flat-footed. I could be wrong, as I have been many times in life, but I feel like I’m not the only woman who has struggle with body image. Despite magazine spreads, commercials, billboards, my own calendar and even running a website about beauty with my closest girlfriends, I didn’t realize until now, that I have never felt pretty. TRUE. Inside, where it counts, I felt smart, capable, but never beautiful. The bottom is a good place to look up, and as I rebuild I see how critical it is that I love myself, inside and out. God wasn’t finished creating the world until he made woman. That’s how awesome it is to be a woman…the world wasn’t complete without us.

Because I believe health is wealth, I am building that confidence inside and out, inside through my faith, and outside with a challenge to compete. Please allow me to share, to grow, and to dig deep up and onward in front of you so that I am accountable and a real, and a living testimony for other women just like myself.

Faith: Finished reading “Peaceful Warrior” a great book on faith.

Food: I earned a cheat meal this week, that included Quest pb cups as my dessert! (pic)

Fitness: Added track workouts to my cardio this week!


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