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Stress-Free & Fit for the Holidays

Stress-Free & Fit for the Holidays

, by Rosanna Thill, 1 min reading time


It may be slightly vain, but it is true! If you look your best, you will feel good, too! Staying in shape means you will feel confident in your favorite holiday dress or attire. Imagine how much time and energy you will save if you don’t have to go digging through your closet or shopping for a new outfit that you feel comfortable in.

Make a Plan

Staying active is more important than ever during the holidays. These are some family and food intense times, and you need that stress and caloric release. As I am getting ready for the PF Chang Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Sunday, 1/19/14, running for me can easily be pushed aside as holiday parties come to the forefront. I have planned to push through the excuses by changing up my regimen and adding some cross-training to the mix. For most people who work, have a family and a full social schedule squeezing in workouts can be a constant struggle. My goal is to carve out 45 minutes three times a week and do the following:

Dedicate one day to running, one to strength work and the third day to a combination of running and strength. Aerobic exercise like running burns calories and has a catabolic effect on the body; anaerobic strength training also burns calories, but it has more of an anabolic effect on the body because it builds muscle. People who want to get fit quickly want both anabolic—because muscle requires more calories for maintenance than fat—and catabolic types of exercise. Note: If you are not a runner, that’s okay, find another way to get your muscles moving; walking, biking, hiking, even with a jump rope.

Lastly, Exercise releases endorphins into your blood stream. Endorphins give the body a euphoric feeling and also act as a natural and safe sedative. Keep your endorphin levels high and you will breeze through the holiday season feeling great.


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