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Staying motivated and on track

, by Cheri Rifkin, 1 min reading time


With the arrival of fall, turn over a new “leaf” and do something out of the ordinary…challenge yourself! I’m better able to stay on track with my fitness and food choices if I have an event or a race planned for the future. It seems I’m more motivated and dedicated to making a serious effort with that commitment and then there’s always the fact that I’ve paid the race fee!

This month, I’ve been very busy with work, family, training for a century (100 mile) ride and building a new home. I find that if I don’t have a goal in front of me, it’s easy to stop planning ahead and become distracted. Workouts go by the wayside and healthy meal preparation is not as important. I lose focus.

I’m a planner by nature and have found that following a schedule helps me feel confident that nothing will be left undone or to chance. Make a list of priorities and, as you complete your tasks or goals, check them off one by one. This can be applied to so many things including work assignments, home projects, fitness goals and food planning. Commit to working out first thing in the morning and then it can be crossed off the list and you’ll gain the metabolic burn for hours! It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment when you see all that you’ve completed!

This fall, commit to making a change, following a plan and reaching a goal. Focus some of your attention on health, wellness and being a better friend, spouse, parent or a better YOU! As Hi-Health promotes and believes, “Say hi to health”, everyday!


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