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Stay Focused and Strategize

Stay Focused and Strategize

, by Rosanna Thill, 1 min reading time


The Anthem Sprint Triathlon was a great way to start off my fall racing season, however, there are things that we can control and some things we have no control over one being is the weather. I had been looking at the weather forecast every day for up to 2 weeks prior to race day, 8/24/13, and it didn’t look good.


It was early Saturday morning I was awaken that night around 3am to thunder and lightning and I could only think of one thing, “Go back to sleep, and hope we don’t get rained out!” 5am came quick and I was out the door by 5:40. Sure enough I was driving in a light rain with lightning out in the distance.

I arrived at the Anthem Community Center around 6:15a with much excitement that all my hard work would be paying off that day, and we all received the bad news. A man on the podium announced on a loud speaker, “Due to the lightning in the area, the swim has been cancelled.”

At that very moment, there was a moment of solemn silence then out of nowhere tears started form, and they did fall. No swim! I have been in the pool all summer and I am ready to kill the swim, UGHHH as Charlie Brown would say! I had to re-group my thoughts quickly and strategize. Run fast, bike fast you are now doing a Duathlon.

All went well, and I was happy with my times, especially, in my biking results. Bike time for 20k was 52:26.4 last year was 56:09. Lessoned learned as an athlete: “Be prepared for all conditions and always do your best despite any obstacles that may get in your way!”


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