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Quality Time

Quality Time

, by Cheri Rifkin, 1 min reading time


This summer has been a real blessing to have spent so much time with our kids in the great outdoors. Sometimes I feel like technology is taking over their lives with iPhones, iPods, iPads and TV! We limit their time on every gadget but it seems we are always after them to turn things off!

After our vacation in the national parks, I was sad to think we would go back to the routine of going our separate ways at home. Thankfully, we have been able to take early morning hikes, ride bikes together and take walks after dinner.

How grateful I am that our kids still ask us to go do fun things with them…and their friends. After our 4th of July fun, BBQ’s and fireworks, and at my daughter’s request, we took to the Animas River for a day of tubing!

I don’t know why I’m always hesitant to say yes. There’s the lathering on of sunscreen, shuttling cars, tubes or kayaks and towels to and from the “take out” spot and it’s just plain cold! Today the river was running low and slow. We bounced off rocks, got stuck on sandbars and got caught in rain and thunder storms.

It was all worth it. We laughed at ourselves, screamed as we cascaded down the rapids and nursed our bruises as we pulled in to our favorite local coffee shop for a hot coconut milk latte! We know more about our kids and their friends each time we get out of our comfort zone and just go with them. Let’s hope there is no bungee jumping or skydiving in our future!

Turn phones and gadgets off, unplug and go outside! Messages will be there when you return and the memories will last forever.


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