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Mom, why can’t I have an energy drink?

Mom, why can’t I have an energy drink?

, by Rosanna Thill, 2 min reading time


I am very proud of my twin sons who just turned 16. They got hired as courtesy clerks right across the street from one other. We laughed because they said if they work on the same day they are going to go out at the same time to collect shopping carts and wave to each other.

They wouldn’t admit to this if you asked them, but they are each other’s best buddy. They also stand united when comes to things they both like or want.

Because they are going to school, doing homework, and now working it is going to be very important that they learn to keep up their good eating habits for many health reasons including boosting their immune system. What I am about to share with you could be a norm for most young teens, but it’s a habit I don’t want my sons to start…drinking energy drinks.

At first, I didn’t want to overreact to the fact that when I picked up my son from a 9 p.m. shift, he was very talkative and didn’t seem tired. I asked him how work was and if ate the dinner I packed for him. He said “Yes, and I also bought myself a Red Bull.” Keep in mind that these kids have been raised with everything natural under the sun, eating free range animals and fresh vegetables out of the garden. He explained to me that he was tired and kids at school drink energy drinks all the time.

I can understand how he thought this would be okay since social media makes these very appealing to both children and adolescents. Just recently the FDA pulled a new gum made by Wrigley Jr. Co. called Alert Energy Caffeine Gum from store shelves <>. One pellet of gum contains 40 milligrams of caffeine or the equivalent of a half cup of coffee or a whole dark chocolate bar.

My concern is that the American Association of Pediatrics states that too much caffeine has been linked to negative effects on the developing neurologic and cardiovascular systems of young people.

Well, it was about 12:30 a.m. when my son finally went to sleep because the caffeine was just leaving his system. Just a few hours later he had to get up to go to school and he was so tired, his brother said, “See I told you not to drink those energy drinks!” Lesson learned.

How many of you have you children wanting to drink energy drinks or maybe they already are? How many of you have picky eaters and they feel tired and run down? I have some solutions to share with you soon!


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