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Live Hi-Health Twitter Chat Friday, May 17th

, by Hi-Health, 6 min reading time


Trying to get in better shape? Get your questions answered by the experts. We’re excited to announce a new Hi-Health Twitter Chat series so you can ask the leading health and fitness experts’ questions Live!

Our first Live Twitter chat is on Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 8am PST (11am EST). We’re excited to have IFBB Figure Pro and personal trainer Felicia Romero with us.

Felicia Romero has been in the fitness and training industry for over 9 years. Felicia is an athlete turned cover model and fitness trainer (5 time IFBB winner) who preaches “healthy living is not a competition regime, but a lifestyle that anyone can live to with clean eating and consistency”. As a gym owner and personal trainer, Felicia knows her way around a workout. And with an A-list physique like hers, you'd think she'd be following the latest fad diet. No. Felicia takes a back-to-the-basics training approach, and says the key to her success is consistency and clean eating. Felicia is the co-owner of AZ Pro Physiques in Gilbert, Arizona.

Felicia can answer your questions on fitness, getting into shape, food and more!

To join the LIVE Twitter chat, use #AskFelicia. Post a question and Felicia will answer them for you.

For details, go to

At 8:00pm PST on May 17, courtesy of @HiHealth, Felicia Romero took part in a live half-hour Twitter question and answer session. There were lots of questions posted and sadly she couldn't answer them all - but she got through a fair few! Here are all the questions that she did answer.

@HiHealth: good morning and welcome to the event

@cpembleton: Hello :-) My question is "How do you stay motivated with working out?"

@FeliciaRomero: HI...I know that me end result will feel so good and i remind myself when i am off track i feel like crap! TY;-)

@cpembleton: That's so TRUE! Nothing feels better than staying with it.

@HiHealth: How long have been training?

‏@FeliciaRomero: About 10 years..always loved working out!

‏@sunnytweets: how do u set goals? Where do u start?

‏@FeliciaRomero: I write a lot! Must have goals written down and look at them everyday!

‏@d_so2000: you're a hot broad in amazing shape why do you change sponsors so often

‏@FeliciaRomero: I don't really change sponsors? If I'm passionate about a product then I have no prob promoting.

‏@StoppaniFan: what was the catalyst to get fit? Lifestyle change? Weight management?

‏@FeliciaRomero: lifestyle change and setting goals! I always need a and health has been the catalyst!

‏@Fraire01: question! Is watermelon ok to eat while on a strict diet??

@FeliciaRomero: In moderation I prefer other fruits that have more bang nutritionally

@Fraire01: ok so whats the best fruit to eat i know alot have sugars....

‏@FeliciaRomero: Apples or berries IMO

@Winni3Box: what is your take on women using anavar?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Not necessary

‏@SteveBrew19: When do you ever find time for yourself?!?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Good ques..working on it!

‏@BRW_549: How on Earth can I get a follow from you and a personalized autographed sexy poster or an 8X10 from you?

@FeliciaRomero: autograph yes is possible...a follow...intrigue me!?

@HiHealth: what is your perspective on where to get started with setting goals?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Ask yourself what you want to achieve? Then set ur goals

@BiggAndyMMA: motivation is my downfall.. Ideas?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Set goals, have a plan, give yourself a date to hit goals :-)

‏@JohnjayVanEs: how long are u taking questions?

‏@FeliciaRomero: 30 min :-)

‏@Winni3Box: How often do you get blood work done?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Every 6 weeks for my thyroid

‏@HiHealth: what is your advice on diet and how to keep record of what you eat?

‏@FeliciaRomero: have a solid meal plan,keep a food journal if u feel u arent seeing results, be honest w yourself! Be prepared by cooking ahead

@Winni3Box: in your opinion, who has the best butt in the IFBB?

@FeliciaRomero: So many amazing butts!

‏@HnF_Motivation: Any tips for the beginners

@FeliciaRomero: Start w a couple days a week, have a plan, know your goals. :-)

@FeliciaRomero: Also, start w a friend could keep u more accountable

‏@HnF_Motivation: great advise, thanks dear. We will sharing these on our page. Do you have an FB page we are recommend to our fans?

‏@misslina77: I'm 35, mom of 2, active & figure it's now or never! Any advice for someone who wants to tone & trim?

‏@FeliciaRomero: clean up diet, start weight lifting 3-4 times/week, HIIT cardio ...get plenty of rest :)

@evansalveson: How often should someone do a liver cleanse? (never done one before)

‏@FeliciaRomero: I would say 3-4 times a yr. If liver isn't working properly your body won't be efficient

‏@PopGlitch: How do you stick to clean eating during that time of the month?

@HiHealth: Great question, i am sure many of us love to know ur perspective.

@FeliciaRomero: I'm not perfect but try to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy options..I also make sure I work out. Seems to help. :)

‏@HiHealth: What is your advice on supplements?

@FeliciaRomero: Only take what is necessary. Educate urself. Supps are great to add w good diet

@AmandaSilver_: what's the best way to fix metabolic damage?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Know it won't be extreme diet. Get bloodwork every 6-8 weeks. Be pro active on being healthy. Accept your body :)

‏@AmandaSilver_: accepting your body is the hardest thing! I get bloodwork done for thyroid&hormones cause they crashed too. Just time right?

‏@FeliciaRomero: U will get's been 8 months 4 me, just now starting to get better :) email me..there are some nat supps u can take

@AmandaSilver_: thanks! I will!

‏@Robmanone: What are some exercises I can do instead of running? Looking for something equivalent to running / jogging.

‏@FeliciaRomero: use the @cybex arc trainer!!! Amazing cal burn!


@FeliciaRomero: Eat! Healthy of course! I know weekends are tough 4 u

‏@JohnjayVanEs: Theres nothing good on TV to watch anymore...What shows do u watch?

‏@FeliciaRomero: Duck dynasty!

@Fraire01: omg u luvin duck dynasty just put ur awesome status like 50 points!!!

@LWolf26: Good mrng, I work 18hr days 2x a wk. During overnight I don't get hungry, but what do u recommend as a meal that can boost me?

‏@FeliciaRomero: try a casein protein shake w pb! That might help!

‏@LWolf26: thank u;)

‏@HiHealth: Felicia, awesome responses and thanks a ton for making this event successful, I am sure we have more questions

‏@HiHealth: We will keep the conversation live, and Felicia can respond at her convenience. THANK YOU ALL


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