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So Many Options, So Confused—Customized Nutrition Paks to the Rescue!

So Many Options, So Confused—Customized Nutrition Paks to the Rescue!

, by Hi-Health, 2 min reading time


Does anyone else out there get totally overwhelmed sometimes when shopping for healthy stuff? I do. I mean, I start out with a plan to eat better, live healthier, and what have you, then I get to the store and the product selection closes in on me. My eyes dart from label to label as I slowly feel suffocated and overwhelmed. No joke. Too many options can make this girl go from feeling totally energized to completely defeated in minutes.

I don’t have a PhD. Heck, I’m still trying to master the perfect PB&J! I just want to take care of myself in a healthy, responsible way but don’t know what to do. Little help here?!

Hi-Health has introduced The Kaleidoscope Collection to help people like me. It’s a collection of customized nutrition paks that deliver the right group of vitamins to support a certain goal. Forget trying to come up with your own concoction. They’ve already worked with the experts to get the job done and put everything together in one little box. All you have to decide is which goal you’re after and grab that pak—there’s nine to choose from!

Here’s why I like it. On every pak, they’ve listed each of the nutrients they’ve selected for your goal and explained why it’s important. They tell you what it does and how it helps you get where you’re going. Super helpful, right? It gets better. In each box, there’s a month’s worth of nutrition, so it’s easy to keep it up. Just take the daily pak and get on with your day. Simple enough.

Want to take a look at one? One of my favorite paks is the Weight Management Pak. Check out what’s inside:

  • Optim® Metabolic® Multivitamin for Dieters: Specifically formulated for Dieters to provide nutritional support required for a healthy metabolism and sugar balance.* It includes BPP Plus™ — an exclusive combination of enzymes Bromelain, Papain and Pancreatine — supporting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and digest proteins.*
  • Optim® Metabolic® CLA Supreme 1000: Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring trans fatty acid found in dairy and beef. CLA supports metabolism and lean body mass.*
  • Optim® Metabolic® Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Contains 50% Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that supports appetite control, keeping you feeling fuller longer.*
  • Glucomannan: A water-soluble dietary fiber that is essential for weight management by supporting appetite control. Supplementing with glucomannan, a bulking agent, supports more gradual sugar absorption and healthy weight management.*
  • Ultimate Potency Omega-3 Fish Oil: A high potency of 1,000 mg of EPA and DHA extracted from cold water fish. Omega-3s supports brain, heart, joint, skin and eye health.*

There’s no way I would have come up with that combo on my own. It’s got stuff in there to help you get all your nutrients, support metabolism and control appetite—that’s a pretty well thought-out plan.

If you’re like me and could use a little push in the right (and healthy) direction, give this a shot. There’s even a quick quiz online to help you choose the right pak for you. Check it out at


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