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I vow to take every chance and drop every fear!

I vow to take every chance and drop every fear!

, by Felicia Romero, 2 min reading time

"Our lives improve only when we take chances--and the first and most difficult risk is to be HONEST with ourselves" —Unknown

In love, I've taken chances and I have been hurt. I’ve experienced what I thought at the time was my worst pain ever. Blinded by words and intentions, I wasn't honest with myself. I knew it wasn't right...why wasn't I honest? I hate giving up and for me pride takes over! I didn't care how much pain and humiliation I experienced, I lost my self worth to make it work. When it was all said and done I was left depressed and pathetic. Yes, to admit that is hard but that's what I was. Going through experiences like that doesn't mean I should ever take a chance again. It means that I will never be pathetic and wallow in self pity again! It means that I will recognize that behavior. I know how to not go there with myself and I can also help others though my actions and with what I write here.

In friendships, I can honestly say that this is extremely hard to find. Words of wisdom (coming from my mom) are “You should be able to count on one hand how many true friends you have in your life....any more then that and they aren't your REAL friends”. As I've gotten older I've come to realize this more and more and having experienced the other side with lies and selfishness I believe what my mom says. Wisdom wins. If the people in your life do not bring you up or make you feel good about yourself then get rid of them. There's no room in a positive life for negative people.

Listen, let's be honest with each other. I find that for a lot of people being honest is a hard thing to do. In love, work, and friendships you take a chance of putting your heart and soul out there to be crushed like a bug. The thing is, you can't crush a fighter. A fighter is someone who against all odds, keeps pushing, knowing that something wonderful is about to happen. In this life you have to take chances. Sometimes it's worth it and sometimes it's not but I'm telling you now that you won't know unless you try. Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories and learning from the past.

Everything I write about I am experiencing at that moment. Currently, I'm taking some chances in my life with the firm belief that something perfect can come from it! It's funny that the moment you put it out into the universe and you become open to possibilities, doors begin to open. That’s just how the world works. One must create their own luck which in turn will create their own destiny. Take every chance and drop every fear….the world is waiting!!!

Thanks for reading!
Felicia Romero XOXO


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