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Healthy Eating During Holiday Travel

Healthy Eating During Holiday Travel

, by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD, 2 min reading time


If one will follow the suggestions in my recent blog, “Maintaining your Waistline during the Holidays” when attending parties and gatherings, your closet and your stomach will thank you. However, when getting to your destination for Thanksgiving or the Winter Break, people all too often throw caution to the wind and eat whatever they want or whatever is quick. It’s easy to do in the airport or the fast-food restaurants along the highway. The first step is to know what calories and fat some of those meals actually contain and to decide if that is where you really want to splurge.

Some tips:

  • Pack some of your own healthy food and snacks for the road or plane
  • Look for healthy alternatives
  • Drink more water. It helps fill you up and takes away some of the hunger feelings
  • Eat regularly so you are not famished, feeling that you earned a fattening meal
  • Have your salad dressing on the side; avoid the mayonnaise or secret sauce
  • Eat a wrap instead of a sandwich and don’t add cheese to your order
  • Limit the quantity of nuts you eat which, although healthy, are very high in fat calories.

If you notice, typical airport food is what we consider comfort food and is both quick and high calorie, high fat food. There are healthy options, so look for them. Surprisingly, airline food, which you now have to purchase, can be a good alternative in that it is a smaller size, you add your own dressing or condiments in limited quantity, and the caloric count is often available to help you decide.

Chili's To Go

Item Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Bacon Jack Grilled Chicken Sandwich 1590 81 144 73
Chicken Nachos 980 63 40 66
Chicken Caesar Salad 660 44 29 40
*Salmon (healthy option) 570 25 42 48
*Grilled Chicken Salad (healthy option) 430 22 23 39


Item Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Big Mac 550 29 46 25
Premium Crispy Ranch 590 41 70 32
Medium Fries 380 29 48 4
Grilled Chicken 350 9 42 28

Pizza Hut

Item Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Personal Cheese/Pepperoni 620 28 70 26

Auntie Annie’s

Item Calories Fat Carbs Protein
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel 470 12 84 8


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