Good Eye Health Habits to Protect Eyesight Developing good eye health habits are important to protect your vision. You may not even realize that some natural everyday habits you have, such as prolonged computer use, could have a negative impact on your eyes and cause eye strain. Try these six easy tips for healthy eyesight. 6 Habits to Protect Your Eyes & Vision Top Foods for Vision EAT MORE VEGGIES Eat healthy, leafy greens and fruits. These foods are rich in eye nutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Stop Smoking for Eye Health STOP SMOKINGSmoking (even second hand smoke) increases your risk of developing vision problems. sunlight protection for eyes SEEK SHADE Wear a broad-brimmed hat when in direct sunlight. Clouds don’t block UV light. eye examANNUAL EYE EXAM Get an annual eye exam. A comprehensive, dilated eye exam can detect changes in eye health. sleep benefits eye healthSCORE MORE SLEEP Sleep lubricates your eyes and replenishes nutrients. Without it, eyes can become irritated and dry. sunglasses for eye healthSAFETY IN THE SUN Select sunglasses labeled UV400 or 100% UV protection. Light-colored eyes are even more photosensitive.
Ocucel Daily MultivitaminOcucel® Daily Multivitamin combines essential whole body vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with vital ingredients that target visual support and performance. This unique formula contains the widely researched FloraGLO® brand lutein. Research shows that consuming 10 mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin daily will improve visual performance by: • Helping to filter damaging blue light* • Helping with contrast sensitivity* • Supporting visual processing speed* • Supporting glare recovery*

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