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6 Natural Remedies for Stress & Anxiety

6 Natural Remedies for Stress & Anxiety

, by Hi-Health, 1 min reading time

natural remedies for stress anxiety

Chamomile: Rich in calcium and magnesium, making it a natural nervince (an herb that supports the nervous system), chamomile is useful for calming nerves and upset stomachs and promoting sleep. 57% of people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression experienced significant improvement after taking chamomile on a daily basis, according to a study in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Avoid if you’re allergic to ragweed. Drink as an herbal tea.

Magnesium: A safe muscle relaxant that lowers blood pressure, magnesium is good to take before bed. A study from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reported that more than half of all Americans fall short of the estimated average requirement for magnesium. Magnesium defciency is statistically linked to anxiety.

Omega-3s: Offering support for healthy moods in adults, Omega-3s are known for naturally relieving depression and bipolar disorder. In a study involving 935 women, reported in the British Journal of Nutrition, higher intakes of omega-3s caused a 50% reduction in the risk of anxiety disorders.

L-Theanine: Increases the brain’s alpha-wave activity, resulting in reduced anxiety, a feeling of calm, and greater mental clarity. In studies, L-Theanine has been shown to reduce negative responses to stress, and increase feelings of relaxation. Found in green and black teas.

Kava: Can relieve anxiety and agitation, according to Germany’s Commission E. Kava’s muscle-relaxing effects also make it good for alleviating tension headaches. Avoid if you’re pregnant, nursing or taking sedatives. Produces no side effects.

Passionflower: Reduces anxiety, calms nervous stomachs, and promotes sleep as effectively as some prescription medications. Passionfower may exaggerate the effects of sedative medications. Available as a tea or a supplement.


Article from September/October 2015 Living Healthy Everyday Magazine. Download your copy here.


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