Jack N' Jill Buzzy Brush Electric Toothbrush

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Jack N' Jill's new and improved Buzzy Electric Toothbrush is here!

  • New & Improved design
  • Recycled handle with extra soft bristles for gentle brushing
  • Rotary design soft vibrations with replaceable heads
  • New matte finish
  • Custom silicone Buzzy button activator
  • Tri-color LED to indicate 3 modes
  • Child-safe battery compartment with screw access
  • Water resistant - Tested to International standards
  • 3 Years +
  • Make it personal - 6 bubble stickers included!
  • Zero waste packaging

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Additional Information

Directions: Inspect toothbrush before each use. Rinse bristles with water. Apply a small amount of Jack N; Jill Natural Toothpaste to bristles. Remember, always use minimum pressure when brushing. Let the toothbrush do all the work! Your little one will learn how to brush gently for 2 minutes whilst Buzzy Brush sings along! Another fun way to encourage great oral care habits by Jack N' Jill.

Choose between audio tracks! 1. Full song - yellow light. 2. Silent rack with audio reminders every 30 seconds - blue light. 3. Full silent track - white light. All tracks have auto shut-off after 2 minutes. Memory function returns to previously used setting!