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  • woman flexing muscle

    , by Felicia Romero Can You Still Gain Muscle on a Gluten Free Diet?

    Building solid muscle takes time, consistency, proper training and a healthy diet. Eating a balanced meal plan made up of lean protein, complex carbs and...

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  • Some salad dressing contains gluten

    , by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD 8 Places Where Gluten Can Hide That Will Surprise You

    Gluten can hide in unsuspecting products. Be sure to check for a gluten-free label and even consult the list of ingredients. Also, always remember cross...

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  • nutrient deficiencies

    , by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD 6 Common Nutrient Deficiencies on a Gluten Free Diet

    What is Gluten and How Does It Affect the Body? Gluten sensitivity (or actual Celiac Disease) is a condition that affects people who eat gluten...

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  • The Gluten Free Athlete: Meals to Gain Muscle

    , by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD The Gluten Free Athlete: Meals to Gain Muscle

    For athletes, fitness buffs, and bodybuilders trying to gain muscle on a wheat free and gluten free diet, this can be a bit challenging. But...

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  • Reasons to consider giving up gluten

    , by Hi-Health What It Means to Go Gluten Free: An Infographic

    1 in 7 Americans has a sensitivity to gluten. That means when someone with compromised gut health consumes gluten, it does not properly break down....

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  • wheat free vs gluten free what is the difference

    , by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD Wheat Free vs. Gluten Free – What is the Difference?

    There are many who advocate not only a Gluten free diet, but a wheat or grain free diet. The theory here is that even non-gluten...

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  • Eating Gluten Free

    , by Dr. Jeff Pearl, MD Growing Interest in The Gluten-Free Diet

    So what is the sudden interest in Gluten-free foods all about? Shelves and displays full of Gluten-free products have been popping up in supermarkets everywhere....

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