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, by Rosanna Thill, 2 min reading time


Women, are you experiencing low energy levels, mental fog and a loss of sense of well-being?

As part of my women’s wellness physical exam my doctor decided that this would be the year to check my hormone levels. Since I am in my mid-forties, I agreed it would be appropriate with some of the minor changes I have been experiencing over the last year. At times I would feel anxious for no reason, not sleep as well as I would like to, experience a loss of endurance and stamina, etc.

My doctor is great to talk to and over the years I have learned to trust his opinions and advice. I have dabbled in using Progesterone Cream over the last four years but haven’t been a consistent user. You have to count the number of days after your last period and apply pre-measured cream every day until your period starts. That sounds easy, but I would lose track half the time and then it was too late to start again. I am sure many of you can understand with raising a family, working and taking care of everyone but yourself, who has time to count the days until your next period?

The results of my blood test are in and my doctor reviewed them with me. My progesterone levels are slightly below where the need to be which explains some of the symptoms I have been experiencing. I said to him in a joking matter, “I have low P levels!” We hear about men experiencing Low T (testosterone) levels on TV and what is available for them. Well, how about us? Is there help for us? My doctor suggested that I could take a mild form of synthetic progesterone; however, the side-effects are a mile long. I told him I had been using the natural form of progesterone cream extracted from the Wild Yam on and off for a few years. He was familiar with it and he told me to give a try.

He’d like to see me back in the next 90 days to measure my hormone levels again. I left his office with a new pep in my step and decided that I would give Mother Nature a chance to help me with this delicate time of transition in my life. I will be reporting the results back to you in 90 days and will be looking into further helping to create a harmonious state. I look forward to sharing my findings with you soon!


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