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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

, by Melissa McGinnis, 1 min reading time

Is CBD marijuana? Is CBD natural? Is CBD safe? We provide answers to frequently asked questions about our CBD oil, lotions, and supplements.

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Is CBD marijuana?

CBD is NOT marijuana. Marijuana contains THC and provides the psychedelic effects of marijuana. Our CBD oil does not contain THC, therefore you will not experience the psychedelic effects of marijuana.

Is CBD natural?

Yes. CBD oil is similar to the cannabis-like compounds naturally released in your body to restore balance and support overall health and wellness.

Is CBD safe?

Yes, our CBD products are safe. Not all CBD products are made the same, but our CBD is sourced in the US and managed from "seed to shelf." To ensure your safety, our products are 3rd party tested to provide you the highest-quality and purest CBD on the market.



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