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KETO MRP: REAL WHOLE FOOD KETOGENIC FRIENDLY MEAL REPLACEMENT.Are you a keto dieter who's always on the go? Do you crave a meal replacement powder that's high enough in healthy fats and not filled with ketosis-killing carbs? Look, we’ve heard all the excuses. Low carb dieting is hard because of meal prep. Keto dieting is very hard because high-fat diets are rough when on the road. So many of our customers were annoyed with the lack of options that we developed Keto MRP to silence the complaints once and for all.

Finally, you have a keto-friendly meal replacement in Sparta Nutrition's Keto MRP that won't destroy your diet and spike your blood sugar levels. Be prepared to be wowed, not only by the profile, but by the unique flavor too:

KETO MRP: A KETO DIETER'S BEST FRIEND.While traveling and going out are tough for keto dieters, Keto MRP isn't just for "on the go" situations. Everyone who lives the keto lifestyle eventually finds a time when there's simply nothing fat-friendly left in the house. Anything is easy when you prepare in advance. But for those times when you need a quick fix of keto-friendly food and don't have time to make a meal, Sparta Nutrition is there for you. Enter Keto MRP, the first good keto-focused meal replacement powder on the market.

A MEAL REPLACEMENT FOR THE REST OF US.What is a keto-focused meal replacement powder? Keto MRP is a powdered meal you can drink at home, or simply take anywhere with you. It’s low in carbs, high in healthy fats, and has a moderate amount of quality protein -- just what keto dieters need! This is the healthy fuel you need to get you from place to place, or simply out the door when there's no time to make food.

Keto MRP is a delicious naturally-flavored, naturally-sweetened drink that enables your body to keep producing plenty of ketones, protecting your carefully obtained ketogenic state. It may even help you get deeper into ketosis!

REAL FOODS ONLY, DAIRY FREE, FULLY DISCLOSED FORMULA.Look at the label and tell us if you see a single thing you can’t buy at the grocery store. Keto MRP is fueled by real food sources we dehydrated, combined, and flavored for your convenience. Add water and you’re receiving a full array of health-enhancing food sources. Better yet, we went dairy-free. You’re welcome, lactose intolerants of the keto world - we know how hard this diet can be for some of you, and we've got your backs too.

ALL NATURAL FAT AND PROTEIN SOURCES.Thanks to Keto MRP’s real food composition, the fats and protein per serving all come from natural sources. Enjoy a full spectrum of fats provided by avocado and coconut, all while fueling your muscle tissue with protein from egg, pea, brown rice, and flaxseed - a balanced blend for an impeccable amino acid ratio - even without the whey!

LEAN + GREAT TASTE.Those non-ketogenic MRPs out there simply loads up on the cheap calories. This doesn't work for us keto dieters. Instead, Keto MRP moves against the grain (literally) and brings a far leaner -- and healthier -- nutritional profile. A single serving provides only 190 calories, yet can keep many users full for hours.

This is assisted by the most unique flavor matrix you'll ever experience -- the green tea matcha we created specifically for Keto MRP is on another planet. By not relying on fruits or "natural flavor" systems that are full of hidden carbohydrates, we avoid hitting you with a massive blood sugar spike, while providing a flavor that'll keep you coming back for more.

But wait, there’s more. We included a fully disclosed protein formula for added transparency. So let's break it all down and explain how each and every ingredient keeps you on the track to healthy keto success:

AVOCADO OIL POWDER.Avocado Oil may be the healthiest unsaturated fat around (it is a monounsaturated fat). A recent meta-analysis associated regular consumption of avocado with improved diet quality, reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, and better nutritional intake.[1] Avocados are fantastic for the keto diet, and every keto dieter needs to keep them in stock when possible. Barring that, the oil is fantastic to cook with and even more fantastic to supplement with - which is why we rely on it here.

COCONUT OIL AND MCT OIL.Deciding between coconut oil or his younger brother, MCT, was difficult... so we wisely invited both to the Keto MRP party. Coconut oil and MCT oil are both amazingly healthy sources of dietary fat. With these two, we get you a full spread of fatty acid chains so that your body doesn't miss out on the benefits of any of them. Recent science shows that MCTs may boost metabolic rate while decreasing fat mass in otherwise healthy subjects. They also boost serum ketone levels more than other fatty acids.

PROTEIN SOURCES.The protein sources included in Keto MRP contribute to roughly 25% of the calories of the product, which is a perfect ratio to keep your muscle tissue satisfied. We included brown rice, flaxseed, and pea protein together as plant sources of protein. We also include egg albumin protein to boost the amino acid profile of the protein as well as the overall protein quality even more.

MATCHA POWDER.Matcha is easily one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and are a well-kept secret in eastern cultures. The benefits of matcha are varied and impressive in all directions. For instance, matcha may improve both fat loss and cognition.[5,6] It’s the swiss-army knife of herbal powders. And… you can’t have that delicious green tea flavor without including real matcha!

By using matcha, we avoid carb-laden flavor systems that are ketosis killers for sensitive individuals. We use this as a double-pronged weapon to provide both flavor and health all while avoiding detrimental ingredients. Matcha is the perfect storm and Keto MRP's secret weapon!

KETO MRP IS FOR EVERYONE.We know that the keto lifestyle isn't the easiest diet to maintain. This is especially important to beginners, who can't sacrifice a single setback in the transition to ketosis. Getting started with the keto diet is tough, and falling off the wagon due to a lack of options -- both at home and on the road -- has many nasty consequences. Even veteran keto dieters know the pain of having to roll back into keto after a botched day of eating due to lack of options.

Our goal is to keep blood sugar low, and a fat-burning state of ketosis high. Instead of risking a fall off the ketogenic horse, make sure you're prepared with Keto MRP - it will come in handy, trust us. So if you're going to bet on a high-fat diet, make it a high-healthy fat diet. When you’re on #TeamKeto give Keto MRP a shot and be prepared to have your mind blown by the amazing matcha taste.

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Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement similar to coffee creamer, mix 1 scoop in coffee, tea, or the beverage of your choice and stir thoroughly after mixing. If tolerated well, multiple servings can be had daily.

WARNING: do not exceed the recommended dosage. Consult with your physician before using this dietary supplement. Do not use this product if you are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, kidney, thyroid, or psychiatric disease, difficulty urinating, prostate enlargement, anxiety, depression, seizure disorder, or stroke. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Tamper evident: Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing.

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